Monday, July 6, 2009

KBP bringing Plant-based Therapeutics Symposium to Owensboro: Conference to feature leading experts in Plant Made Pharmaceuticals

Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP), the Owensboro Cancer Research Program (OCRP) and Sullivan University College of Pharmacy will host a Plant-Based Therapeutics Symposium July 15-16 in Louisville and Owensboro.

Presentations will address the latest innovations in plant-based pharmaceutical (PMP) research, development and commercialization and will feature some of the world’s leading experts in the emerging bio-pharmaceutical production platform. Those scheduled to present include:
  • Dr. Jeanne Novak, President and CEO of Boulder, Colorado-based CBR International. Novak has led interaction with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other international regulatory bodies for a number of PMP product candidates. CBR provides high-level strategic, clinical development and regulatory consulting for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Dr. Charles Arntzen, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccinology, the Biodesign Institute and Florence Ely Nelson Presidential Chair of Arizona State University.
  • Dr. Yuri Gleba, Managing Director for Icon Genetics, a Bayer GmbH subsidiary focused on developing new biopharmaceuticals and high-value protein products using green plants as production hosts.

The Wednesday, July 15 sessions will take place in Louisville at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy, located at Bardstown Road and the Watterson Expressway. The first day’s sessions will focus on product development and recent advances in PMP research. On Thursday, conference attendees will travel by bus to Owensboro and KBP where the program will be directed to commercialization and business opportunities.

To register for the conference, contact Allison Koch at 502-413-8955 or email