Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hollison Technologies Await Opening of Owensboro Centre for Business and Research

Kevin Humphrey, president of Hollison Technologies LLC, is anxiously awaiting the opening of the Centre for Business and Research at 1016 Allen St.

His company is ready to open a 1,000-square-foot office and lease lab space in the center as soon as it opens.

"We're hoping to move in in January," Humphrey said Friday. "Over the next 12 months, we'll be needing to hire as many as 10 people trained to do what we're doing."

That includes people to go into the field and monitor the company's equipment as well as an office manager, a research and development team, tech people to repair and service equipment and sales people to work the telephones, he said.

Hollison is a high-tech company that says its product "enables continuous sampling of food commodities with state-of-the-art detection of contaminants ranging from chemical to biological and radiological. The technology also allows food producers to follow commodities through a web-based software tracking capability."

Sampling, detection and tracking can take place much faster than traditional approaches, while also operating outside a conventional lab, the company says.

In September, the Kentucky Science and Technology Corp. announced an investment of $200,000 in Hollison Technologies. That came on the heels of a $50,000 investment from the local Emerging Ventures Seed Fund.

"We're a five-year overnight success," Humphrey joked.

He said he's been working on the process for the past five years with partners Eric Dodd of Evansville and Doug Wood of Island. They recently added Tony Bashall of Massachusetts as a fourth partner.

The company's name is a combination of Humphrey's daughters' names -- Holly and Ellison.

Humphrey and his brother, David, owned Agri-Tech, a business they opened in Livermore in 1996, specializing in grain-handling equipment, poultry house construction, electrical work and steel building construction.

When that business closed, he started working on Hollison, Humphrey said.

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