Friday, December 18, 2009

RiverPark Center and Colleges Collaborate on Theatre Degree

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Posted by Noah Stubbs - email
OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Starting next fall, college students in Owensboro can earn a bachelor's degree in theater arts by attending either Kentucky Wesleyan College, Brescia or Owensboro Community and Technical College and take courses at all three schools as well as the RiverPark Center. The city says the arts help attract talented people downtown.
"It can be a real drawing card certainly for our community to bring in the kind of young people that are interested in a very unique environment," said Nick Brake, Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation.  "An environment I wouldn't hesitate to say doesn't exist anywhere else."
"Attracting that talent is what this how downtown development thing is all about," said Downtown Development Director Fred Reeves.  "At the end of the day it's an economic development endeavor. It's not about just nice and pretty, it's about making this community thrive in the future."
Eventually this new theater program could lead to a new building for a downtown arts academy.
The city says part of its redevelopment plans would be to create an arts district here in the eastern part of downtown and that's where the Downtown Arts Academy could be located in the future.
The RiverPark Center says having a downtown theater program will bring more young people to the riverfront.
"In these old buildings that have second and third and fourth floors that are useless and probably will remain so," said Zev Buffman, RiverPark Center.  "We know what will happen on the bottom floor, retail but on the other floors student housing."
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