Friday, April 2, 2010

Condos attracting interest in downtown Owensboro

By Jasmin Embers - bio | email
Posted by Noah Stubbs - email
OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - While big projects like the Hotel and Convention Center are evolving in downtown Owensboro, condos are also attracting new interest.
"You can't live downtown unless people put the time and money into the development," downtown resident Laura Clark said.
The Conders' had the same idea.
They have built four condos in the Smith Warner building and say providing homes downtown goes hand in hand with the current revitalization.
Conder says people see big changes and want to be close by.
"What you have are people wanting to come home and what symbolizes home for them is a downtown area that doesn't change to a big box or a strip mall because you can get that anywhere," Conder said.
The city's plan for downtown development will cost $84 million.
It is a small price to attract more tourists and Owensboro residents to the Riverfront.
Laura Clark has lived downtown for four years and thinks more will make the move as well, especially with all the new local shops opening soon.
"I think the more downtown business grows the more the need and the desire for living down here will be," Clark said.
Conder agrees.
"You see the new convention center you see those things, that's when business will come the people will come and the living will come," Conder said.
Conder says about 75 condos would be reasonable for the Owensboro market since the lifestyle does not fit everyone's needs.
"The living aspect of downtown is what this is targeting young professionals or some of the older people who simply don't want to take care of the yard," Conder said.
For Clark, it's the convenience.
"It's a lot easier to get from downtown to all the shopping areas, all of the restaurants, the hospital," Clark said.
Conder says renovating and building residential property helps the community.
He says 90 percent of money spent on renovations went to labor and materials in the area.
The Conders' say they plan to do more downtown renovations soon.