Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Plans for Mixed Use Project near Carter Road and Mid America Airpark

Massie-Clarke Development Company has taken the first step toward creating a residential, commercial and multi-family development on an 82-acre tract at Carter Road and Barron Drive.

The company has filed an application to rezone the property for mixed use development. It is now zoned for agriculture use.

"It's centrally located and inside the bypass," said Dave Appleby with Massie-Clarke. "I think with U.S. Bank adding 500 jobs out in the airpark, some new development out there is needed."

The rezoning will be on the Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission's Aug. 12 agenda.

"All we have done at this point is a conceptual plan," Appleby said. "We want to get it rezoned first. Then we can go to a design phase."

The plan shows residential development on the northeast side of the property with a small section designated as multi-family.

The commercial development is laid out on the western half of the property.

Before making its recommendation on the rezoning request, the OMPC staff will look at how it fits with the city's comprehensive plan and will examine the traffic impact study the company is required to do.

Appleby said he is hearing positive comments about projects under way in Owensboro.

"We have a lot of activity, a lot of things going on within the city, and I'd like to see something happening in this area," he said.

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage confirmed July 1 that it will add 500 jobs to its 1,000-plus employee base in Owensboro. Those employees will work in a new 81,000-square-foot building the city will build in the MidAmerica Airpark and lease to the bank.

"We hope to get some interest in this development," Appleby said. "And we hope the neighbors will embrace this."