Monday, March 28, 2011

Hollison Technologies, Centre will be featured on Fox Business

The Fox Business Channel is filming a segment featuring Hollison Technologies at Owensboro's Centre for Business and Research.

Hollison, a tenant at the 37,000 square foot business accelerator, is a provider of products and services to the food industry to detect and track contaminants in the food supply chain.

Hollison provides unique products and services for food protection and the detection of contaminants in the food supply chain including, but not limited to, farms, bulk storage facilities, commodity transportation, food processing, food distribution and point of consumption. The company offers patented technology for the protection of the entire food supply chain with the detection and identification of chemical, biological and radiological contamination in food commodities, processed food and beverages. Hollison has developed a proprietary secure web-based food tracking capability for use with its breakthrough sampling and detection technologies to offer complete chain-of-custody information complete with available contamination test data.